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100 W 66TH S


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Welcome to SciTech

SciTech Academy Charter School is a public school in Minnesota, South Metro, offering a free, academically rigorous education to students in kindergarten through grade eight grade.

SciTech Charter School's mission is to provide its diverse student body the best possible education by focusing on Science and Technology through the fundamental academic disciplines that affirms academic achievement and that develops strong characters. SciTech Charter School believes that a "full and efficient'' education is best accomplished through a rigorous curriculum that requires mastery of core knowledge and skills.


Character Development:

SciTech is committed to developing strong character in its students. This goal is achieved through a Code of Conduct, a robust character education program and other educational activities designed to build community.


At SciTech Charter School, the faculty inspires students to achieve their greatest potential as learners and responsible members of a caring, supportive community. Teachers motivate students to strive to a high academic standard.


In striving to meet academic challenges, students may struggle. SciTech Charter School provides support for students to achieve without lowering the bar, starting with the classroom teacher and including additional tutoring through the Support and Challenge team.


From their first moments at sciTech, students learn that, in achieving their fullest potential as citizens and learners, confidence comes from competence in achieving their fullest potential as citizens and learners in the SciTech Charter community.

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Our Culture

Students are challenged daily by a rigorous curriculum that focuses on essential skills and intellectual development. Through real achievement, students develop pride in their accomplishments. High expectations and high intellectual challenge at all levels create a culture of excellence and learning.

Next Steps...

SciTech Academy Charter School is currently enrolling students in grades Kindergarten – 7th Grade for this school year.